GUM Removal

Chewing Gum Removal Cumbernauld

DM Powerwashing provides a Chewing Gum Removal service throughout Cumbernauld.

One of the banes of the modern town and city is the unsightly stains of chewing gum.  These little lumps appear in streets and footpaths around the country where someone chewing gum has dropped it on the floor and it has hardened – and the stuff doesn’t move easily!

When the surface in question is your driveway or garden path, the problem can be even more irritating.  You can attack it with a cleaning product or a scraper and sometimes this works if the deposit is recent.  But more often, if it has been there for a day or two, these measures simply can’t shift the stuff.  Sterner measures are needed.

DM Powerwashing now offer chewing gum removals in Cumbernauld and around the area to help you rid your property of the bane of chewing gum.  We have various techniques we can use to attack the problem, including the use of high powered washing tools and special cleaning products.  For the most stubborn stains, we also have special chemicals that can be used to get rid of the most stubborn chewing gum stain.

So, if you have a stain and nothing else works to remove it, give us a call today.  We offer no obligation quotes for all customers and can also help with cleaning driveways and garden paths from normal stains such as mould or mildew while we are on the premises.

Please contact DM Powerwashing Services for all your Chewing Gum Removal requirements.

We are very happy with the excellent, reasonably priced work David and his team carried out to our garden wall, path and patio area. Carolyn & James, Kirkintilloch