Driveway Cleaning Cumbernauld

DM Powerwashing provides a driveway cleaning service throughout Cumbernauld.

Pressure Washing

There are two main problems when doing DIY driveway cleaning in Cumbernauld – using the wrong chemicals or pressure to have a negative effect on the surface or ending up causing damage to other parts of the property (or the neighbours!) during the cleaning process.

Driveways are usually made from tough materials such as concrete, block paving or paving slabs.  But no rock is impenetrable and this means there are chemicals that can have a negative effect on them.  For example, concrete can scar or discolour while the mortar between paving stones can be washed away and leave them unsteady and wobbly.  Other times, the chemicals available over the counter simply don’t have enough power to do the job at hand and you can spend a fortune but still have a green stained driveway.

The other problem comes from the use of pressure washers.  These are great pieces of equipment but can cause a bit of damage if they get away from you.  From denting the neighbour’s car or knocking guttering off its hooks, using a power washer can be a little precarious.  And if you use the wrong setting, you can disturb the driveway material and cause damage.

The simplest solution is to use a professional driveway cleaning company who can get the right answer to the questions and ensure your drive is in top condition without any negative side effects from the process.

Please contact DM Powerwashing Services for all your driveway cleaning requirements in Cumbernauld.

I would highly recommend this company. We had a very large mono-block driveway cleaned and sealed. It looks like new. Good competitive price. Prompt, friendly, efficient service. Lesley, Kirkintilloch