Driveway Cleaning Falkirk

DM Powerwashing provides a driveway cleaning service throughout Falkirk.

Pressure Washing Service

One of the biggest tasks involved with having a driveway is getting rid of moss and algae that accumulates over time, particularly in the wetter months.  Those unsightly green stains and lumps can spoil the effect of your driveway and continue to spread if left unchecked.

General driveway cleaning is a simple enough task.  A stiff brush and hot water with a little mild detergent is a good starting place – something like a washing up liquid is advised.  This is because some of the stronger cleaning products can actually effect the material of the driveway and cause marks or even damage.  Scrape up the moss or lichen that accumulates in the joins then brush it off and add the cleaning solution.  Dry days are the best times to do this.

Sometimes, however, the stains are resistant or there is simply too much for you to tackle.  The good news is that you can hire an expert in driveway cleaning in Falkirk who can come out to the property and tackle those problems.  These guys use a range of specialist cleaning products not available to the general public that can tackle any stains, including oil from the car, and restore the driveway to pristine condition in no time at all.

These experts can also check out any loose or damaged paving stones or bricks that may need work to repair or replace.  This prevents a weakness appearing in the drive that can lead to a major problem if left untouched.

Please contact DM Powerwashing Services for all your driveway cleaning requirements in Falkirk.

I would highly recommend this company. We had a very large mono-block driveway cleaned and sealed. It looks like new. Good competitive price. Prompt, friendly, efficient service. Lesley, Kirkintilloch