Driveway Cleaning Lennoxtown

DM Powerwashing provides a driveway cleaning service throughout Lennoxtown.

Pressure Washing Services

Concrete driveways are a cost effective and simple style of driveway that is very functional and one of the easier to maintain.  There are no potential moving parts as with a brick or paving slab driveway or loose materials as with a gravel driveway.  While this makes them easier to clean and maintain, you can still benefit from the attentions of an expert in driveway cleaning in Lennoxtown, especially after an oil spill or after a wet winter.

Concrete driveways are sealed after they are laid but if you use too much pressure from a pressure washer, you can damage this seal.  This in turn allows water into the concrete and can lead to cracks and fractures in the cold weather – water gets in, freezes and expands, creating a gap in the concrete.  This is why after the harsh winter a few years ago, we saw an increasing number of cracks and potholes appearing in the roads around the country.

The sealer protects the driveway from most stains but some require extra treatment to be sure they are gone.  Oil from a car, van or motorbike is a top cause of serious stains that can’t be easily removed.  But a driveway cleaning expert will have the right equipment and products to do this.

While very durable, concrete can be damaged by some chemicals, with de-icer being a prime example.  Also, chemicals used to remove moss, mildew and other green growth stains sometimes work great but other times either don’t completely remove the problem or could damage the surface.  So always get advice before using anything other than hot water and a mild detergent.

Please contact DM Powerwashing Services for all your driveway cleaning requirements in Lennoxtown.

I would highly recommend this company. We had a very large mono-block driveway cleaned and sealed. It looks like new. Good competitive price. Prompt, friendly, efficient service. Lesley, Kirkintilloch