Graffiti Removal from DM Power Washing

DM Powerwashing provides a Graffiti Removal service throughout central Scotland.

For commercial properties, one of the worst things to see when arriving on a morning is that someone has been out with a spray can and covered the building with graffiti.  The worst part is that removing this paint isn’t simply a case of turning the hose onto it as depending on the paint used, this can make things worse.

The best option therefore is to employ a specialist in graffiti removal in Glasgow who will have the experience and knowledge to remove the graffiti permanently without making things worse.  This starts with identifying both the surface type as well as the substance to be removed.  For example brick, stone and concrete can be textured while glass or plastics tend to be smooth.  Each requires their own approach depending on the texture of the surface. 

Once this information is gathered, the expert can offer their recommendation on dealing with the problem.  Sometimes this can be a case of painting out the graffiti with a colour matching the surrounding walls or surface.  This can be a low cost and simple method.  Using chemical removers can be a little more complex depending on the solvent used.  Small areas may simply need a little chemical and a scrubber or cloth to remove it while larger jobs can be more complex due to the potentially harmful nature of the chemicals to people and the environment.

Once cleaned or covered, a protective coating may be worth considering to prevent a repeat of the problem.  There are both permanent and sacrificial coatings, the latter will come off if the surface is covered with graffiti again allowing for a quick and easy removal.

Please contact DM Powerwashing Services for all your Graffiti Removal requirements.

Good job - ontime - polite and value for money compared to other quotes I received - recommend them with no hesitation. Stephen, Bishopbriggs