ROOF Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Paisley

DM Powerwashing provides a roof cleaning service throughout Paisley.

Roof cleaning is one of those jobs that homeowners know needs to be done but don’t often have the equipment and confidence to do themselves.  That’s why DM Powerwashing now offer this service for our customers – but what benefits does roof cleaning bring?

Moss is something seen on many roofs and might seem like an irritation more than a problem.  But this isn’t the case – moss can squeeze into gaps, forcing roof tiles apart and this can let water into the property.  Leaks can lead to penetrating damp and this can bring a host of other problems.  So getting rid of moss not only improves the appearance of the roof but also ensures that it remains in top condition for longer.

Algae growth is another seemingly irritating problem that can be more serious than you realise.  Those dark streaks of algae can absorb heat which makes it harder to heat your home and puts up your utility bills.  So removing those streaks is an important step for home efficiency.

Finally, a good cleaning can also highlight any potential problems such as roof tiles that are cracked or broken, even missing.  Because someone is cleaning the roof, they are also inspecting it and can spot potential weaknesses that could compromise the weatherproofing provided by your roof.

Please contact DM Powerwashing Services for all your driveway cleaning requirements.

I would highly recommend this company. We had a very large mono-block driveway cleaned and sealed. It looks like new. Good competitive price. Prompt, friendly, efficient service. Lesley, Kirkintilloch